The Liebster Nomination

Appreciation is a huge source of motivation. Especially when it comes from a person who shares the same love for writing and literature as you do. Getting nominated for the Liebster award was such an act, this generosity was bestowed upon me by the honest and talented blogger Manan Gupta better known as “mownonk’ of “Some Mundane Musings” ( . First, I would like to thank you heartily for giving me this opportunity and believing in me and my writings. This simple act of yours has made me want to write more and try out new spheres of writing.

Now let me come to the part where I get to do the same and nominate other bloggers to share and spread some love, appreciation and probably make some good connection with fellow bloggers. Before doing that, here is a brief description about Liebster, and the rules.

Liebster is a community driven effort, it solely stands for sharing the works of enthusiastic bloggers, and to acknowledge their efforts, by the bloggers, for the bloggers.

The Rules:

  1. After being nominated, answer the 11 questions asked by your nominator.
  2. You then nominate 11 new bloggers on a new blog post, your answers should be on the same blog post. This is how you accept the nomination.
  3. Make sure to thank your nominator and mention their blog in your post. This is how the bloggers get connected and their blogs are shared across a vast number of bloggers around.

Here are the questions and the answers to them asked by my nominator,

1.What makes you most angry?

Religious barriers and fanaticism. They blind people and make them robots.

2. How often do you skip food?

Quite often. I have very specific set of tastes.

3.Describe your blog in 3 sentences.

Its a world of my thoughts.

There are glimpses of very humane emotions felt by me or someone else at some point in their lives.

Its reality woven into fiction.

4.Describe yourself in one sentence.

I am an ever smiling, kind hearted yet introvert kind off a person. A very contrasting character.

5.Which book do you hate most?

Seriously? My class 10 history text book!!!

6.What is your view on politics?

Politics is a conglomeration of economics, literature, history, civics, maths, psychology, sociology and many more. A good politician is one who knows how to balance these various sides in his own way.

7.Have you ever felt like quitting everything and hit the road, just to feel life? If yes, why and when?

I have. Many a times. Sometimes when my head is stuck, when I see people drifting apart when doubts creep into my mind. It calls for a break, to relearn myself and my limits. To experience some new culture and new people.

8.Which one do you prefer most, photograph or a painting, why?

Photograph. Its not that paintings are bad, or rather they are not art forms. But a painting is a creation of a photograph from the painter’s point of view, while a photograph is something real. It gives you the freedom of interpreting it according to yourself.

9.The place which you visit regularly in your dreams.

A small home with curtains and sunlight streaming in from the windows. A bed and his arms around me. 🙂

10.What would you pick, money without being able to spend or happiness without being able to share?

Money without being able to spend.

11.What is your take on feminism?

I do not accept feminism. I am a believer of humanism.

Now, here are my nominations. Including blogs in regional language:


Here are the questions that the nominated blogs are supposed to answer. 🙂

  1. Do you believe in God? Why?
  2. What is your take on Friendship?
  3. Describe your blog using three adjectives.
  4. If your house was on fire, after you have saved your loved ones, pets for which thing would risk going back in again?
  5. With which animal/bird/fish do you identify yourself the most? Why?
  6. You listen to a song for it’s lyrics or music?
  7. The mountains or the beaches?
  8. Justify the statement, ‘Home Is where the Heart is!”.
  9. Which is more appealing to you sunrise or sunset? Why?
  10. Comment one of your strengths.
  11. Comment a childhood memory.


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